Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows on Netflix

Stella Birrenkott, Entertainment Editor

Top 5 Nickelodeon Shows on Netflix

  1. Victorious

Tori Vega and her friends have some serious pipes, and we have been hearing them since childhood.

    2. Big Time Movie

Big Time Rush is a Nickelodeon classic, and seeing the band of best friends in their original movie is as close as we can get to the iconic show before it reaches Netflix. 

    3. A Fairly Odd Summer

The Fairly Odd Parents is another Nickelodeon classic. Timmy Turner and his fairly odd parents Cosmo and Wanda are set for the summer of their lives. 

    4. Sam and Cat

Sam and Cat, a Nickelodeon crossover between the two iconic shows iCarly and Victorious, star Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) and Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande). It’s not as good as Victorious, but it’s still an old show that we can reminisce about. 

    5. Bella and the Bulldogs

This newer Nickelodeon show is about a middle school cheerleader turned football player, and it’s a classic Nickelodeon binge-watch.