Victorious enters Netflix


Anna Alfred, Columnist

Earlier this November, Netflix decided to surprise all users by adding the classic Nickelodeon show Victorious. Victorious originally aired on March 27th 2010 and ended February 2nd 2013. Most highschoolers were fans of Victorious when we were younger, and it’s refreshing to reminisce in one of our old favorite television shows. It was a show most of this decade’s teenagers spent their time watching. Now, Netflix has finally given the teenage audience another chance to rewatch the show and relive some of the memories shared. Victorious, starring Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande, to name a few, is a show about a sixteen year old highschool student with an insane singing talent. After having to sing in front of a large audience in replacement for her sister, Tori Vega immediately wow’d the audience away and was quickly invited to attend the high school Hollywood Arts. After much hesitation on her end, Tori bit at the opportunity, quickly making friends with Andre Harris, Cat Valentine, Beck Oliver, Jade West and Robbie Shapiro. Together the group of teenagers find themselves in wacky situations, whether it be completing silly improv classes with their favorite teacher Mr. Sikowitz, (who is a bit psycho himself) or trying to one up girls from the opposing school, Northridge, Tori Vega and her little posse never fail to have a day that’s unusual. Some conflicts the group meet along the way include having to endure crazy character roles for a night at Sikowitz’s house, going through tubs of icecream to win a private concert from KE$HA, being stuck in a camper in over 100 degree heat or even simple problems like the girls of the group fighting over a canadian guy that spikes all their interests. The show even premiered special episodes, including a spin off version of The Brady Bunch! All in all, the show Victorious is a great addition to Netflix, and is totally worth a binge watch on a Saturday night! Netflix also added Nickelodeon shows Sam and Cat, Big Time Movie, A Fairly Odd Summer, and Bella and the Bulldogs.