Seth Meyer’s Lobby Baby is truly funny

Seth Meyer's Lobby Baby is truly funny

Sammy Geraci, Editor in Chief

While many people might know Seth Meyers as a comedian who sits behind a desk, his recent standup special Lobby Baby is making a real splash on Netflix. Throughout the special, Meyers’ delivery of the jokes is very similar to the deliveries he uses behind a desk, but the writing seemed a little different. While normally his jokes feel more punch line oriented, Meyers moves towards having a stronger narrative to connect the jokes in the special. 

Meyers begins Lobby Baby with a monologue about his experience getting married. He jokes about how long it took him propose and what happened in the leadup to the wedding. It was a little weird to hear him talk about marrying a woman however since he married Stefon, a character played by Bill Hader, on Saturday Night Live back in 2013. Despite this, the jokes about his wedding are still funny.

After the marriage section, Seth Meyers moves on to talk about having kids and fatherhood‒literal dad jokes. Like the previous section, these jokes work well with the narrative Meyers conveys. The only real issue with these two sections is that they might not resonate as well with a high school student as they would for the student’s parents because of their subject matter. High school students can still appreciate the humor, but we have not lived through the situations he jokes about quite yet.

Around the middle of the special, Meyers moves into his Trump jokes. Anyone who has seen his recent work knows that Trump jokes are Meyers’ bread and butter these days, but these jokes can be divisive with audiences. To get around this, Meyers asked Netflix to add a “skip Trump jokes” button. This button resembles a “skip intro” button, and was a great idea because it allows his special to remain funny for those who disagree with him politically. During Lobby Baby as this button appears on the screen, Meyers also makes jokes about the button itself which are funny in their own right.

After the political segment of the special ends, Meyers finishes the special with some jokes about various topics including jokes about his wife and then some about himself but doing an impression of his wife. The jokes in this bit were similar to the content closer to the beginning of the special and did a good job tying everything together. 

Meyers recently has gained a reputation for sitting in a chair behind a desk telling jokes about the president. In this special, he manages to break out of that. The new Seth Meyers of this special is funny enough to please anyone who enjoys comedy, but the situational humor might be a little more relatable for an older demographic. It probably will not have any high school students rolling on the floor laughing, but it is still funny enough that they would definitely enjoy it.