Let it Snow weaves together love stories


Rachel Humphery, Columnist

Let it Snow is a mediocre conglomeration of many plot lines that discusses the overall theme of being connected and together. Overall, it’s an enjoyable movie for the holidays, but there are far better movies of the same type of genre to watch. Because of this, I give this movie a three out of five rating. Let it Snow is a romantic comedy for the holidays based off the book of the same name and directed by Luke Snellin. The movie is about a group of teenagers who live in the town of Laurel, Illinois and each have a series of events where they run into each other on Christmas Eve. The different romances were all very cute, though a few were a little rushed, and the actors all had chemistry with their respective partners. Isabela Merced and Mitchell Hope were both very good in this movie. Isabela had a very emotional scene that was almost a tear-jerker and Mitchell brought a lot of awkward charm to his character that worked very well in contrast with his love interest Duke’s (Kiernan Shipka) more suave nature. However, the movie had many problems as well. The biggest problem with this movie was that there was too much going on. There were at least five different plot lines all running concurrently and they didn’t blend well together. The abundance of plots and characters ended up taking away from other character’s development which made almost all of them feel bland and one dimensional. There were a few interesting characters, like Addie, who has insecurity about herself and her role in others’ lives, and Dorrie, who likes a girl who is pretending their relationship doesn’t exist around her friends, which are deep and interesting narratives. Unfortunately, the movie does not have the time to delve deep into either of them and their progression is rapidly resolved with a few conversations. Despite the underdeveloped character they were given, the actors were still able to make something interesting with what they had which makes this movie watchable and interesting at times. If you would like to check out Let it Snow it is available on Netflix now.