The best holiday lights of the season to see with friends


Emma Follendorf, Reporter

There are many holiday activities that everyone enjoys in Waunakee. For example, spending time with family, decorating the house for the holidays, and looking at lights around town. One town favorite is to go during the holidays and look at the rotary lights in Waunakee, and if you have not been I highly recommend going. 

One of the best parts of the town holiday decorating in Waunakee is rotary lights, and the town would be much less festive without them. Since there is currently no snow this year, the lights are not at their best, but that shouldn’t stop you from going! The rotary club in Waunakee put on this christmas time light show and accepts donations. 

Another rotary light show that is beautiful around the holidays is in La Crosse. Although La Crosse is relatively far away from Waunakee, the lights in the rotary show are definitely worth seeing. You can walk, take a car, or ride a carriage through the show and it is more than worth the trouble of driving to La Crosse. Also it is free! A huge plus for those of us who are broke.

 Another place that I would recommend going to for the holidays is the Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville. This is a huge walkthrough garden that is absolutely covered in holiday cheer. There are also many gorgeous opportunities for holiday photos as well. All of these holiday rotary light locations are beautiful and going to any one of them will definitely brighten your holiday!