Include all holidays

Payton Margenau, Reporter

The holiday season is upon Waunakee, the decorations are up, presents are bought and there are Christmas trees everywhere in town, including in our businesses. 

Christmas trees have long been a part of any traditional Christmas celebration, and while it is a gesture intended to be festive, it may actually be inclusive. It is no secret that the majority of our nation represents Christmas, however, 10% of Americans don’t celebrate it. Due to this fact, businesses should not put up any specific holiday decorations.

Switch out a Christmas tree for a string of (non-colored) lights, or even some paper snowflakes. By putting up general holiday decorations, shop owners are creating a sense of festivity for everyone, not just the majority of us.

People who don’t celebrate Christmas have long been excluded from the celebrations the winter season has to bring, and while some things might not get changed (i.e. Christmas music on the radio), together we can work to include people from every background into the season of giving. 

Some may argue that it is unfair to ask a shop owner to give up their tree, and while it may seem unfair, it makes perfect moral sense. Nobody wants to be left out or feel discluded, and Christmas-celebrating Americans have been unknowingly doing to for years. Now, with the new era of technology and awareness, people finally have a chance to make things right by including everyone.

It is true that no one can force a shop owner to take a tree down from their business, however; during the holiday season the hope is shop owners can look past their personal beliefs and put up a holiday display that benefits everyone’s beliefs. At the end of the day, Christmas has been the dominating force of the holiday season for a long time, and it should finally be time for all to celebrate, not just the majority.