Referendum planned for new school construction

Sammy Geraci, Editor in Chief

As Waunakee continues to grow, the student population in Wauankee’s schools may soon exceed the capacities of the facilities. To address this, the Waunakee Board of Education is planning a referendum for November of this year to decide whether or not the district should authorize the construction of a new middle school.

“The middle school is going to eventually be at capacity and they will not have room for everybody,” said Principal Brian Borowski. “They’re going to need a new space… so if they built a new middle school, then at that point we would have access to the current middle school.”

While access to greater facilities may seem like an exciting prospect for students and staff, the referendum is still nearly a year away and there is a large amount of uncertainty regarding what the final resolution will be. 

“There’s a lot of unknowns,” emphasized Mr. Borowski. Since the resolution on which the community will vote could be authorized as late as this August, the specifics of the resolution are subject to change.

Beyond the uncertainty in its implementation, there is no guarantee that the referendum will pass. After the resolution is authorized, the community must vote on the referendum to authorize it.

If the resolution does pass, it is highly unlikely that current high school students would experience its effects. Mr. Borowski gave a very rough ballpark estimate that the whole process could take up to a decade in total. The referendum would only be the community’s first step of many in expanding its facilities.