New high school clubs in 2020: walking into a new adventure

Sydney Williams, News Editor

Everyone has heard their mom talking about getting her daily steps in, typically aiming for about 10,000 steps per day. But Sean Hall and David Petty have decided to take that idea a step further. 

The idea came about as Sean and David found their passion for walking around before school, and decided to share that passion with the rest of the school. “It is a positive, fun environment in which you can meet new people.” Exclaims Junior David Petty. 

The goals of the club is to promote a sense of community and meet new people. They are not an official club, but they have high hopes that it will be.

There are many health and social benefits from joining the walking and talking club! For starters, walking more every day has been shown to reduce blood pressure, body fat, total cholesterol and risk of depression. It also banishes boredom, and has been linked to increasing motivation which can be important when starting new classes at the start of the second semester.  

If students are interested in joining, look no further than Mr.Butters’s room. The walking club meets every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday morning. While Mr.Butters is the meeting place for the club, and advisor, sadly he only talks the talk and doesn’t walk the walk. 

“Come join us, it is a non committal club, and you don’t have to stay the whole time.”

If students have been sleeping under a rock, they haven’t heard about the two thousand announcements for chess club. This is another new club joining the Waunakee High School club curriculum this year. Even if you don’t know the rules and regulations to play chess, they will teach you. They meet every Wednesday after school, and drop-ins are welcome! They are always looking to meet a friendly new face! 

A final new club for students looking to broaden their literary sights is poetry club. They meet weekly to write poetry and share their creative genius. It is filled with slam poetry competitions, calm cafe vibes, and sweets!