The many pros and cons of different social media

Sydney Schumacher, Features Editor

Social media plays a big role in almost every high schoolers life. In fact it’s estimated that 95% of people have access to a smartphone. Of the 95%, 85% say that they use YouTube most often, 72% say instagram, and 69% say snap chat. Social media sites like instagram, snapchat, and tik tok are gaining in popularity and it is getting increasingly harder to pull yourself away from your phone. 

It seems like adults are always going on and on about teenagers always being on their phones and never interacting with others. How can you blame teenagers when the apps that they are using are so addictive?

It can be hard to tear yourself away from your phone when there are so many things to check. You need to check to see how many likes you have, how many new followers, or who just messaged you? It may start as going on your phone to check a text, but so enough you get caught up in all the other things that are more interesting on your phone and it has been 3 hours. 

Snapchat for example came up with streaks in 2016, a device that they use to keep you on their app. They themselves even admitted that they created it as a way to make their app more addictive so people would keep coming back. The idea is to not break your streak with someone, it becomes a sort of peer pressure, where you may be afraid to lose your streak with someone out of fear that they may think you don’t like them. When in reality you just don’t want to be on snapchat everyday.

Social Media can be a really positive thing when it gets used for the right reasons, but instead of blaming kids for the addictive qualities that social media may possess, blame the companies for making their apps so addictive.