Gymnastics emphasizes confidence

Ebba Harrison, Sports Editor

The Waunakee-DeForest gymnastics team continues to improve and perform at a high level each week. “This year, me and the team have been performing at our absolute best efforts,” said senior Caylee Powers. “Whether we win or lose, we are still champions. We compete with our inner selves and try to improve ourselves instead of comparing with other teams.” Waunakee-Deforest defeated Sauk Prairie in a home meet. Following their win, Waunakee placed 4th in the Watertown Invitational with Powers finishing 9th on the uneven bars. “This year, being a senior, I have specifically improved my mindset of the entire sport. Instead of being nervous for doing a routine that i’ve been doing for years, I have learned to trust myself and my body. Always attack and never look back,” said Powers.

Looking forward, the team is excited for the conference meet. “I am very ecstatic for this because within my four years of high school, we have never once had a big important meet like this located in the Waunakee fieldhouse,” said Powers.

With either success or loss in their future, the gymnasts are happy to create friendships and have fun. “My favorite part of the season this year is seeing everyone grow from complete strangers to family within weeks,” said Powers. “Our team goals for this season are for everyone to be confident with what they have to show off to the judges, to get comfortable with competing and showing off your months worth of practice, as well as to have fun and never be afraid. This sport teaches us not only gymnastics but how to be a tougher person.”