Valentine’s Day ids the best holiday of the year


Katherine Ikaunieks, Columnist

Valentine’s Day is the best holiday, because the true meaning of it hasn’t been lost. Valentine’s Day isn’t a scam, and the people who believe it is are just making excuses for why they didn’t purchase a gift. The holiday on February 14th once was for the death of St. Valentine, but the new, modern meaning of Valentine’s Day is much more positive and carefree. Everyone loves getting cheesy love lines in a cheap card and sugary candy from either a classmate they don’t know, or someone they care about. It’s a really fun holiday, especially when you get those delicious candy hearts that are just a few years old. While Valentine’s Day was originally a holiday about showing affection which history may not have been all sunshine and roses, Valentine’s Day is still the perfect holiday to use your hard-earned money on chocolate and cards from Hallmark. People actually spend way too little money on Valentine’s Day, with an average of $196 spent per American every year. In my opinion, it should be way more. Hallmark deserves more money from the working class. Last year they only earned a meager 20.7 billion dollars. Luckily, people should be spending more money this year than last year so that our favorite card company, Hallmark, should be able to earn more money! Valentine’s Day is also really great because it never pressures people who are single to find a partner, but only pressures the couples to break up. There’s only ever deals for single people and never couples, because relationships have no value anyway. This holiday does have other positive traditions of course, like gifts. It never pressures anyone to get a great gift for their partner, because nobody is satisfied with a few small pieces of chocolate. The bigger the gift, the better. There are some flaws with Valentine’s Day, though: the day after, everything is on sale. Nobody wants nice chocolate on sale the day after the holiday. Nobody wants gifts that are from a holiday already past. Companies need to save the stuff left behind and put them out next year, because year-old candy doesn’t expire. Everyone would love to buy aged chocolate and stuffed animals. Thankfully, that’s the only big flaw with the holiday. Overall, Valentine’s Day is the best holiday where we spend our hard-earned money on gifts, because we don’t want to show affection to a partner everyday. I think everyone needs to learn to love Valentine’s Day, because if we don’t buy into the gimmick of buying gifts for the ones we love every February 14th, then what’s the point? If we show love to the ones we love everyday, then Valentine’s Day will sadly cease to exist. Learn to love Valentine’s Day because it’s our only holiday that’s only about getting the best gifts for the ones we love. People just need to love this great holiday. So, spend more money every Valentine’s Day, because we just might have a limited number of them left. We need to keep Valentine’s Day alive.