Dreamers club helps their fellow Latino students

Tessa Pauls, Features Editor

By now every student in Waunakee has seen one of the teachers or administrators wearing a blue t-shirt that says Los Soñadores, but why? What are the shirts for? What does it mean? Why do they all seem to wear them on the same day? Well Los Soñadores means dreamers in spanish, and the t-shirts are from Los Soñadores club. 

The club meets every Thursday during Contact time in Mrs. Hlavacka’s room. The club advisors are Christy Sheppleman, Monique Mobley, and Vanessa Hlavacka; however, many of the teachers and administrators wear the shirts on Thursday’s to show their support of Latinx Students at Waunakee. 

The teachers want the students to know that they stand with them in chasing their dreams. The t-shirts have a slogan on the back, and it has become their mission statement, “No dreamer is too small, no dream too large”. 

Not only does the club have a great message and support from the school, they are doing amazing things for themselves and their community. They work on increasing their leadership abilities by going to workshops at Centro Hispano, they visit colleges such as Edgewood and MATC, and they visited La Movida which is the first spanish radio station in Wisconsin. 

After creating the club five years ago, the students realized that they felt alone and misrepresented as students. In the end they decided to create a mentoring program. The program has grown immensely since its creation five years ago, and students work together with people from fifth to twelfth grade. 

One of the most impressive things the club has done, happened just before this school year in August. Elleven current student members and alumni of the club hosted a professional development meeting. Over 70 staff members attended the meeting that was on working with latino students and building culturally competent classrooms. The feedback was outstanding and only inspired them to do more. On a meeting to meeting basis the club discusses identity, ethnicity, how to be an activist in their community, and how to deal with racism. 

This club was born out of the need for representation for the very small Latino population in Waunakee. The club has a bright future, and over time they will accomplish and make many more strides for not only the Latin population in Waunakee, but for the community they are living in.