P.S. I Still Love You extends a story


Anna Alfred, Columnist

P.S I Still Love You starts from exactly where To All the Boys left off, the official beginning of Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship. The movie begins with the first date between the new couple, Peter and Lara Jean. Things are seemingly going well- that is until later on in the story, Lara Jean receives a letter in the mail, a letter from one of her past ‘letter victims’. This catches Lara Jean off guard and causes millions of thoughts seemingly starting to creep up in the back of her mind, though she pushes it off, and continues to remain devoted to her boyfriend, Peter. Though, luck seemingly was not on her side when her problems suddenly started to get bigger. While in the midst of doing volunteer work, Lara Jean stumbles- literally, upon the very person who resent her a letter, John Ambrose, who was the very last recipient of her infamous love letters that were sent out in the film before. It turns out, that John Ambrose had loved Lara Jean the time she had written that letter- though those feelings seemingly were “never” requited back- at least to Lara Jean or John Ambrose’s views. Luckily, these feelings still linger for John Ambrose- maybe this could be a time to regain Lara’s affection from Peter? Now with John Ambrose and Peter both competing for Lara Jean’s love, Lara Jean feels as if she’s trapped in a never-ending lifecycle. Her inexperience with love isn’t exactly helping the situation either. As Lara continues to meet with John Ambrose and with Peter, she knows that her days of “keeping options open” must end soon as she must ultimately face the person she rejects and the person she choses sooner or later. Struggling to handle her emotions, Lara Jean faces the true suffering of a love triangle, so will it be the jock Peter, or the quite nerdy John Ambrose? The movie did a good job of setting the overall layouts of the love triangle- though in my opinion felt a bit rushed. Lara Jean’s ultimate choice was a bit too expected as well as foreword. Despite the movie already being roughly two hours long, I felt as if they could add more on how Lara Jean, John Ambrose and Peter felt- the lack of emotions shared with the key characters really made the movie seem out of place, and rather very driven to end with a clear ‘choice’. As any typical romance is, the movie spurred up more drama whenever and wherever they could as well, which created a ‘tacky feeling’ for the viewers. Although the movie may have had some flaws, it still shared a great story of the complicated topic of love.