Sunday night football action has positive review

Robyn Ryan, Sports Editor

Good evening football fans and those who are just watching the game for the commercials &/or halftime show. It is currently 5:36 p.m. on Sunday February 2nd, aka Super Bowl Sunday, and I am hereby stating my final prediction for the big game. The champions of Super Bowl LIV (53 for those that don’t know how to read Roman Numerals… you’re welcome) will be the Kansas City Chiefs. The final score will be 32-28. (For the people who aren’t watching the game, the other team is the San Francisco 49ers.) My next prediction is for the MVP. I’m calling Patrick Mahomes. If he plays like he did against the Titans and Texas… It’s game over. Well, that’s all I’ve got for pre-game. 

Here’s a brief summary of some notes I took mid game, though now know who won but… enjoy.

In the first quarter, the Chiefs received the kickoff and punted after three plays. The 49ers scored the first points of the night with a field goal, putting them up 3-0 with 7:57 left in the first. 

Chiefs go for it on 4th & 1, five yards away from the end zone and get a first down, finishing the run one yard short of a touchdown. Two plays later, Mahomes runs it in with 57 seconds left. The first quarter score is 7-3 Chiefs.

In the second quarter, Garapalo throws an interception, caught by Bashaud Breeland. This leads to 28 yard sammy watkins reception.A touchdown by 44 Juswaski with 5:05 left in the second off a pass from Garoppolo ties the game at 10-10.

Now, the halftime show! My initial thoughts on Shakira were along the lines of “starting out strong… playing the guitar… killing it–yaaas! Those hips ain’t lying, lemme tell you that. SHE DID NOT MISS A BEAT! J Balvin looks like tin foil. Here comes Jlo, starting by ripping off her skirt. The outfit is a  leather bodysuit and some thigh high boots…Ahhh she turned around and I just had a flashback to James Charles at Coachella!

Shakira is back. Waka waka is a yes from me. Overall I thought it was a great performance. They did an amazing job of incorporating the Miami/ Latin culture, and I am here for it! Weeks later, the video has over 122 million views on YouTube! My verdict is 9/10. Now back to the actual football…

To be honest, I stopped keeping notes after halftime, so if you were not aware yet, the Chiefs won 31-20 and the MVP was Patrick Mahomes. 

Finally, my top commercials! 

3) Tide


1)Rocket Mortgage 

If you haven’t seen these commercials yet, you are living under a rock. Please search for them on the internet if you don’t know these commercials… Until next year FNL!