Disney Plus has a classic


Stella Birrenkott, Entertainment Editor

Holes premiered on April 11th of 2003, starring a young Shia LaBeouf as Stanley Yelnats IV, a kid who is wrongly convicted of stealing a pair of shoes and sent to a summer camp for delinquents. The Yelnats’ have been under a curse given to them by their ancestor Elya when he failed to fulfill a promise to a fortune teller. The summer camp requires the boys to dig holes throughout a dried up lake, which sparks mysterious questions. The warden, portrayed by the brilliant Sigourney Weaver, rewards the kids whenever they find something of significance. Stanley befriends Hector Zeroni “Zero”, and when he runs away, tries to find him in the desert. There are flashbacks to the story of the 19th century town around the lake, where Miss Kathryn Barlow, portrayed by Patricia Arquette, is in love with an African American onion seller, Sam, portrayed by Dule Hill. A jealous and wealthy white man kills Sam and Barlow turns into a notorious serial killer, hunting down the men who refused to save Sam. Barlow steals Elya’s son, Stanley Yelnats’ chest of riches, and buries it somewhere under the dried up lake. A curse is lifted and secrets are revealed in this wonderful story from Walt Disney Pictures, based on the 1998 book Holes by Louis Sachar. Holes received $71.4 million in box offices worldwide, and starred Disney Channel Series Even Stevens’ Shia LaBeouf, whose series was just ending at the time of release. Dule Hill portrays Sam, and later appears in the 2006 television series Psych as Gus. An episode of Psych references the movie in a plotline about holes dug by a paleontologist, where the protagonist Shawn Spencer mentions that it reminds him of a movie with Sigourney Weaver. Holes premiered 16 years ago, and still resonates as a wonderfully made movie. Holes is available on the Disney streaming service Disney Plus.