Our Sports Editors dissect the NCAA Tournament


Robyn Ryan and Ebba Harrison

Due to the concern over Covid-19, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament was cancelled. Fans of college basketball were left wondering, what teams would have been in the final four and what team would win the whole tournament? The editors of the Purple Sage sports section shared their thoughts.

Sports Editor Ebba Harrison:

I understand that the final four I state may not have been possible because these teams could be in the same region. However, these are the teams that I thought had the best chance of making it, perhaps with a little bias towards my favorite team. First, the Wisconsin Badgers would be in the final four. The Badgers finished tied for first in the Big Ten, and many analysts have said that the Big Ten was the best conference. Therefore, the Badgers must be a strong team. The Badgers would then meet fellow Big Ten team Maryland, and face off for a spot in the championship game. The Terrapins would fall to the Badgers, a sweep for Wisconsin for the year. On the other side of the bracket would be the Dayton Flyers against the Kansas Jayhawks. The matchup would be a battle of big men: Dayton’s Obi Toppin vs. Kansas’s Udoka Azubuike. I believe that Obi Toppin and his fellow Flyers would triumph over the Jayhawks. In the championship, the Badgers would compete against the Flyers in a tight game. Toppin may win the battle between him and Wisconsin’s Nate Reuvers, but the surrounding cast of the Badgers outmatches Toppin’s teammates. In the end, Wisconsin wins, a feat the team was unable to accomplish back in 2015. 

Sports Editor Robyn Ryan:

Good day college basketball fans! I am here to report my Final Four picks for the now cancelled NCAA March Madness Tournament. In all honesty, I don’t follow college basketball religiously so if some of these teams just seem like bandwagon selections–they are. 

How I selected: First, I searched the internet for the most recent NCAA Men’s Basketball rankings. After glancing through the list, I selected four teams I know are pretty good and that I don’t hate! (Disclaimer- I did not go in depth as to see which side of the bracket each team would come from, so this may not match up… sorry)

    • Virginia: Ranked 16th, 23-7 record, I have a sweatshirt for the school.
    • Florida State: Ranked 4th, 26-5 record, I like the state of Florida and the school seems cool. 
    • Michigan State: Ranked 9th, 22-9 record, selected them in honor of Sam Miller.
    • Louisville: Ranked 14th, 24-7 record, I chose them because I am still sad my volleyball tournament that would have been there was cancelled (obviously… just still sad about it).

Who knows, perhaps this could have happened–but maybe not. We will never know… Until next year!