Graduating and the Coronavirus

Graduating and the Coronavirus

Sydney Jezik, News Editor

As a result of the current pandemic, the graduating class of 2020 is experiencing a senior year unlike any other class. Staff and students are currently exercising extra effort in order to help seniors disconnect and move on from high school without the closure of being allowed to physically return to the school.

Some recent adjustments: Principal Borowski has negotiated with the school board and set an in-person graduation date for Saturday, August 1st, at 7 P.M. As a contingency in case social distancing orders are still in effect in August, a virtual graduation will be held in June anyway.

“I would really love to have an in-person ceremony. This is something we’ve been waiting for our entire lives,” said senior Kaylee Buckwalter. 

Seniors must upload information and media into the Herff Jones Virtual Graduation portal by June 13th (with a fallback date of June 20th) in order to prepare for the graduation ceremony.

A virtual awards ceremony for the seniors is scheduled for May 22nd, and seniors being offered a local scholarship will be contacted by counselor Megan Bunkleman. 

Administration and faculty distributing caps, gowns and class of 2020 yard signs designed by the senior class presidency from May 4th to May 8th.

The senior scholarship drive, an effort run by seniors and parents to raise donations from the community to financially assist seniors in their transitions to college, is still on. Rather than face-to-face canvassing, participants are encouraged to hang up fliers or reach out to potential donors via social media. An email containing a list of important dates and instructions for participation has been sent to the senior class.

Schools are currently closed, by the governor’s order, until June 30th.