Our Home State and the effect of the Coronavirus

Aly Kinzel, Reporter

Wisconsin is currently ranked the 26th highest death rate for coronavirus among states in the nation, at 273 deaths total. In Dane County alone there are 409 cases and 21 deaths so far. Since the afternoon of Friday, April 24th, there has been an increase of 304 new cases in Wisconsin. There have been 5,959 confirmed cases total in the state, and that number has not yet begun dropping, although the death rate has shown to be decreasing with 45% of cases having recovered.

On April 16th, Governor Tony Evers directed the Department of Health Services to extend the Safer at Home order until 8:00 AM on Tuesday, May 26th, or until a superseding order is issued. This order states that all citizens must stay in their place of residence unless there is an essential reason for leaving or if they are an essential worker. If anyone is in an outdoor environment, they must follow the social distancing requirements, remaining six feet apart from others. Anyone that does not follow these restrictions until May 26th may be punished with up to 30 days of imprisonment or up to a $250 fine.

There has been much controversy over this order. On Friday, April 24th, there was a protest at the capital with a few thousand people in attendance. Few of these people were wearing masks or protective gear and directly disobeyed the social distancing rule. Nearly all of the people that attended the event were protesting to recall Evers for his order. Many attendants claimed that staying home is more dangerous than the virus itself, and they urged government officials to think about the economy and the lives of the general populace, rather than the smaller number of people currently affected by COVID-19. Protestors also stressed the significance of how small businesses and restaurants can’t afford the money loss the order has precipitated, and as a consequence need to stay in business.

According to nationally acclaimed scientists and health experts, COVID-19 case numbers will not begin to fall until citizens dutifully follow CDC restrictions and remain in quarantine. Everyone is in this together, and the longer the rules are disobeyed, the longer life will remain as it is.