The Election


Tessa Pauls, Editor in Cheif

Politics has always been a sensitive topic in our country due to the two party system. First of all, the two party system is dumb and divides our country and makes it so that both major political parties are forced to vote for ‘their’ polotician instead of the person they most support. Secondly, since 2016, our country has been almost as divided as it was right before the civil war. Interestingly enough, the election before the civil war divided the country based on pro-slavery vs. anti slavery, where as the election now the voters are split by racist and non-racist.

No one that looks at the facts can support a presidential candidate that on national television, in front of millions of viewers, refused to condemn white supremacy. Someone that denys the fact that America is inherently racist, wants to make it so that the U.S. will no longer teach about slavery and the extreme racism in our country after the civil war. Nor can they support him when his running mate said that it was offensive to say that America was inherently racist and that police officers had no bias. First of all, every human being on this earth has bias, that’s a fact and if you don’t think it is, you might want to do some research. Secondly, America is very inherently racist because things like red lining and descrimination still exist and harm people of color every single day.

Another reason to not vote Trump is because the last five presidents of this country say that he is an awful choice. The last five presidents of this country, that had to do the job and are the most qualified people to tell you if someone is cut out for the job, have publicly said that Trump is not cut out for the job, and he should not be re-elected.

If you are one of the people voting for Trump simply because he is Republican; One, he isn’t a Republican, he is a person who had a rich father that gave him everything he had and then he lost all of it by being an awful businessman, and is now extremely broke. Second, the last two Republican presidents think he is awful and won’t be voting Republican. Third, supposed political alignments are not as important as human rights, decency and taking care of the lives of Americans. Fourth, the Taliban has said they support him. Fifth, Democrats don’t want Biden either, but Biden is better than someone who is supported by Russia, an almost dictatorship.

There are many more important and valuable reasons not to vote for Trump. However, I do understand that Democrats and Republicans have different views and it is those differences that make our country great, but being a good person with American’s lives in mind is important. Trump only wants to make America great again for straight white males and he wants to and has already started taking away rights for LGBTQ+, women, and people of color. 

Everyone is raised based on their parents beliefs and it is understandable that a ten year old believes the same things their parents do. This is because of the bias they are raised with and that they have never been told anything different. However, as a high school student you are old enough to think for yourself and have your own opinions. Just because your parents believe something or have taught you to believe something, doesn’t mean you should too. It is your job to find the flaws in your beliefs and question your own bias.

Voting is the most important thing an American citizen can do. It is the most direct way to make changes and better our country. If you think politics aren’t important, aren’t really your thing, or don’t matter you have probably never paid attention to history. You might want to start paying attention to politics because if you don’t by the time you see that your rights are being srtipped away, it will already be too late.