COVID-19 and the affect of colleges

COVID-19 and the affect of colleges

Sydney Schumacher and Tessa Pauls, Editors in Chief

COVID has affected almost every aspect of our lives. One major aspect for the upperclassmen that has been affected is colleges. While most of the college application process remains the same, some things have changed.

Some colleges have removed their SAT/ACT requirements and have made these scores optional. Colleges that have done this include Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Williams, UM Twin Cities, and UW Madison. Navigating taking the ACT and/or the SAT during a national pandemic is challenging and not everyone has the luxury to take these tests. 

In addition to a limited number of testing sites and many tests being canceled, some students can’t go inside places without fear of getting sick. Maybe a family member is imenodiffencet, or maybe the student is themselves. Either way, more and more colleges are trying to take into account students’ needs and limitations. 

Another vital part of applying to college is touring the college to see if you like it or if the “vibes” feel right. However, many colleges, especially bigger ones like UM Twin Cities, have canceled their tours. This makes it harder to know if you like the campus or if there is something about the campus that you really don’t like. To accommodate this, many colleges have posted video tours of the campus and if there is a campus you really want to see you can always go and wander around the campus to get the feel of it.

Due to the proximity of living spaces in dorms, some colleges may also be all online. Many schools in Wisconsin such as UW Lacrosse and UW Madison tried to do a version of hybrid schools, but had to go completely online, and shut down their dorms due to covid. The number of cases spiked immensely once college students returned to universities.

The fear of many college students and high school seniors is that covid will not be under control by next year and college will again have to be online. The things that seniors look forward to when going to college are dorm life, meeting new people in classes, and independence. However, if college is online again next year none of these things will be possible due to the deadly pandemic happening.

Many things about college and applying to college have changed in the past year. However colleges recognise the difficulties and are trying to help students as much as they can. If you ever have questions about a certain college don’t hesitate to contact the school counselor or the school counselor of the school you may be interested in.