Issues with Zoom


Izzi Stricker, Reporter

Zoom has introduced high school students to a learning system once foreign to them. After the first quarter, Waunakee High School students seem to be less than impressed with how it has been going so far. Many agree with freshman Jordan Shipshock when she says that, “I think that online learning has still been hard to adapt to right now, it’s just a total different way of learning.”

So what makes at-home learning so difficult? Sophomore Morgan Meyer says that right now the thing she struggles most with is, “not having the interaction with our teachers and students that we would normally have. The conversations we get with our teachers on Zoom is just not the same.” Freshman Meg Wagner agrees when she says that, “I believe that I am struggling with not being able to see teachers in person. Especially a class like math where you can ask a teacher a question and then they show you on paper how to help you. It’s much harder online to understand some problems that need to be explained visually.”

Although the majority of complications seem to arise from lack of communication, students actually seem to struggle more with the social aspect. Meyer starts by saying, “Students are a whole different story, some of my best memories from last year at school are all the things we aren’t getting anymore. Including passing time conversations, lunch with all my friends, and even class with friends doesn’t have the same meaning this year.” Freshman Sophie Schnaubelt shares this feeling with Meyer, “I miss seeing my friends and teachers everyday in class, football games, school events and athletics- all things that I as a freshman should get to be experiencing.”

Another big issue students are having with Zoom this year is the focus aspect of it. It’s one thing to deal with completing all schoolwork at your own house, but other parts come into play as well. Freshman Anna Fisher notes that, “I also feel that it is harder to get myself to participate and show my face in class because I feel that every little mistake will be judged or that people could be making fun of how I look on Zoom.”

Waunakee High School has done everything in their power to assure the easiest and most convenient way to carry out academics, and that’s not to say that the students aren’t appreciative. Issues with Zoom are inevitable and the students have done a great job in welcoming and accepting the new way of schooling.