Voting in Uncertain Times


William Valinotti, Writer

During a time where most events are up in the air and many things are unknown, there is one event coming up that we know for certain: the 2020 Presidential Election. Many claim that this election will be one of the most crucial elections that will be seen in our lifetimes, as our nation has two completely opposed candidates running very different campaigns. As our nation is faced by many stressors, such as COVID-19 and institutionalized racism, the differences between the two candidates are becoming more apparent. As this is being described as one of the most important elections in history, it is crucial that we use our votes to express our personal opinions. 

Wisconsin is a key battleground state because it is a swing state. According to, many states are set in stone, such as Utah, which has a 36% Republican advantage, or Washington DC, which has a 64% Democratic advantage. However, in the 2016 US election, there was only a 0.7% vote difference between the Democratic and Rebublican candidates in Wisconsin. 

Furthermore, after looking at the turnout of voters for the 2016 election, the number of registered voters was incredibly low. According to, 31.6% of all voting-aged citizens did not vote. If even just 1/4th of these people decided to vote in the upcoming election, this could completely change the results of the election in Wisconsin. To vote, these people need to register for the election. 

Though it sounds quite daunting, registering for the election is much easier than it seems. For Wisconsin, Registration can be done online. All you need to register is access to a computer, an unexpired drivers license or state ID card, and an address. On the website, you will be asked questions about your name, address, Social Security Number, and a few other identification questions. After answering these questions, you will officially be registered to vote in the state of Wisconsin. In order to vote, this must be done by October 30th.

Now that you understand the importance of voting in this upcoming election, along with how to register, it is crucial that you register if you are eligible to vote. Voting is one of the most important ways to voice your opinion on the current state of our government, and is crucial to uphold democracy within our nation.