A Movie Worth Fighting for


Anna Alfred

Disney’s newest live action movie, Mulan has really pulled quite the spin to the original film.  Although much remains the same throughout the movie; we are met with unfamiliar changes that make the film seem as if it were totally different from the original. As Mulan is considered a childhood classic, the differences between the older version and this one make it seem as if this really wasn’t the same story; what’s Mulan without the famous tiny but bigheaded red dragon, Mushu.. And what about Li Shang? If you are expecting the same classic tale of Mulan, what you will receive is quite the opposite. Mulan really brings fuel to the fire when compared to any other live remake of Disney movies. This adventure packed readaption is bound to keep viewers at the edge of their seats; and not just through it’s violent one on one or large group-wide fights. Despite the two famous missing characters and the songs, Mulan really is able to tie together somewhat of the original storyline without the need of Mushu or Li Shang. (A bummer for all us Mushu fans). However, one thing the movie doesn’t fail to offer from its original is, of course, the same life-long lessons many of us grew up with. “Embrace your own identity and defy what society expects of you.” Although the release date was inconvenient for Disney (due to the pandemic), Mulan is definitely the movie we all needed, as the classic spin off reminds us to stay strong and fight throughout all the worldly conflicts arising. The emotional and physical empowerment this two hour film holds is something we can all relate to. That being said, Mulan is, and forever will be, a movie worth fighting for.