Balancing school and happiness


Anna Englebert

As the school year progresses, I seem to find it more difficult to branch outwards whenever it comes to making plans or finding time to get out of the house. As a Junior, it is quite inevitable to feel overwhelmed at least a few times a week, especially with the at home setting. With this feeling of overwhelmingness, I often forget to make time to have fun. 

While this may sound undermeaning, it really seems appropriate to make sure I have finished the day’s work before I can decompress. When or if the time comes during the day when I can relax, I can’t help but feel a little anxious about what work is waiting for me the next day. I have to admit, the fifteen minutes in between each class along with the early ending of the day at 2, I always feel comfortable with how much time I have to complete the day’s tasks. 

The asynchronous days do have their perquisites as well, with the whole day available to do homework I always have the temptation to close my computer and put my worksheets away so I can go outside and enjoy the warm day. With all that has happened this year, I have noticed that students have gained a much wider perspective about their lives. They have become much more appreciative of the time and space they are given to complete tasks. 

I myself have found this trait as well; I make it my job to remind myself and others that we must stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. Many of my peers are known to work too hard on their schoolwork, but this school year they are beginning to understand that there are much larger problems to worry about instead of whether or not they got an A on their test. 

I suppose the main point I am trying to get at is that it is much more important to focus on spending time doing what makes you feel more content with yourself and the community, instead of feeling obligated to analyze 7 pages of an article for a class.