Organization in Online School aka Sanity


Brooke Bound

With all that’s going on right now, there’s no doubt we’re all going a little insane. Some of us may have tipped past our breaking point and binge-watched an entire series in a week while pantsless and stuffing our faces with doritos, and that’s okay. But even with all the insanity, it’s important to remember that the world spins on. Unfortunately, this means school is just as important as it was pre-corona, and we have to adjust accordingly.

Obviously, last semester was weird, man. Heck, this semester is weird. Everything is weird. Kanye is running for president. My dog is fat now. We’re not allowed to high-five anymore. Life is weird. But that means that we need organization more than ever. And for students, this starts with our learning spaces.

Personally, mine is a mess, but it’s an organized mess. Above my desk, I have a whiteboard with scattered quotes, a Supernatural calendar, and important class notes tacked on with magnets. This is something that I find really helpful, because I find it difficult to keep things organized in binders with online learning. 

I keep my binders under my desk and pull them out when I need them, but sometimes that seems like a frustrating chore, and it kills my flow. Having a few key notes for each class front and center in my workspace is a lifesaver. 

I also have no motivation. Like, ever. This is problematic when I’m in my room in a class, because of all the activities I’d rather be doing scattered around me, tempting me with empty promises and lies. But what I’ve found helpful is compromise. 

I’ll crochet while on Zoom–my hands are busy, my impulsive monkey brain is satisfied, but my student brain is focused on what the teacher is saying. I keep paints on my desk, and rarely do I pull them out during class. But just having them there seems to trick the monkey brain into submission. It’s as if I’m saying, “see? I could be painting right now, if I wanted to, but right now what I want to do is find the derivative of this graph.” 

I understand that this doesn’t work for everybody, but for me, finding this balance between work and hobbies was the first step towards regaining some sanity.

Things are weird. We’re isolated, bored out of our minds, stressed, depressed, and a mess. But there are things we can do to make life a little less strange and a little more bearable. So get a little organized to find your sanity again.