Gravity Falls


Sydney Schumacher, Editor in Chief

Gravity Falls is a fast paced, adventure ridden, Disney channel show that first aired on June 15, 2012. It starts out with 12 year-old twins, a girl named Mable and a boy named Dipper, who have to spend the summer with their great uncle Stan who lives in Gravity Falls, Oregon. 

Their great uncle (who they later call “Grunkle Stan”), lives and runs a tourist trap called the Mystery Shack where he fakes paranormal happenings. Little do Dipper and Mable know, there are very real supernatural creatures who reside in the town of Gravity Falls.

Dipper is a smart, serious, dedicated student while Mable is quite the opposite. Mable is a fun-loving, boy crazy, crafty girl. Together, Dipper and Mable go on many supernatural adventures along with friends they meet along the way. Dipper and Mable learn to love the shack and the employees who work there. 

This show only lasted two seasons and is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on Disney. Even though it is for younger viewers, I can’t help but relate to the humor and situations the two main characters are thrown into. Whether it is flesh eating zombies or mermaids, I know that Dipper and Mable will always have each other’s backs. 

Another aspect I have always loved about the show is how Dipper and Mable travel to a different state over the summer and get to stay there. They also have many adventures and explore many different and new places they have never seen before. 

I wish I had the ability now to travel and explore new places but unfortunately, in the time of COVID, I am not able too. I finished this show recently and will really miss all the adventures Dipper and Mable go on. I know that if I ever got the chance to live somewhere new for a summer, I would not miss it. 

I recommended this show to anyone who is missing traveling right now or who just loves a good adventure. It is a cartoon, but I think it would be the perfect show to watch with any younger siblings or a show to just put your mind on pause for a little bit. I have loved this show for a long time and remember watching it when I was younger. It is definitely a show that will stay with you and will make you wish that you were one of the twins.