Political Divide Wreaks Havoc On Our Country


Lyn Rode

“A house divided cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln said this a long time ago, but it is abundantly clear that his statement still stands true today. Today’s America is more divided than it has ever been in recent years due to the political climate. I interviewed some of the teachers and staff at our high school about their opinion on this great divide.

Mr. Jennerjohn, one of the AP Psychology teachers, said, “I think one reason might be the unstable nature of the economy.  Even in pre-COVID-19 times, people were living with the realization that few jobs have the long-term security that jobs of the past had…Now with Covid-19 bringing even more instability, people are looking for someone to blame.” 

Throughout history, a common theme seems to be the idea of a ‘scapegoat’, someone who society can blame for something they often aren’t responsible for at all. In the current political climate people are finding scapegoats instead of dealing with the actual causes of extremely important issues such as COVID-19, BLM, and sexism. 

Mrs. Johnson, an English teacher, said, “Somewhere along the lines, certain sides became solely associated with specific stances and people drew hard lines in the sand. Rather than an attempt to understand another’s viewpoint or educate oneself, people have chosen a camp and stuck to it blindly.” 

The idea of ‘lines in the sand’ has also been a common theme in history. In many conflicts, both sides think that they are correct while the other side is in the wrong. Nobody wants to be told that their beliefs are wrong, so they attempt to deny any evidence that could contradict them and what they believe. They let themselves live in ignorance, refusing to consider their faults, and the rest of the world is all the lesser because of it. 

Mrs. Rogers, a social studies teacher, said, “Liberals are leaning further left and Conservatives are leaning further right and not many are interested in compromising and reaching across the aisle.  Politicians and parties are becoming more and more polarized and Americans along with them.” 

The bottom line is that not one side has single handedly created the issues America now faces. The current issues have been created by a lack of trust, respect, and cooperation from both sides in politics, which has resulted in hostile citizens. Even throughout the hostility between citizens, at the end of the day everyone wants the best for this country and to live a long and happy life. As citizens and students it is important to find a way to close this gap and try to find solutions for the betterment of the country.