College Apps and COVID


Aly Kinzel

High School seniors are more stressed than ever as the second semester approaches and making a decision on their future academic paths is necessary. Given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, many issues arise and the college search is much more difficult than in past years.

We’ve heard from many high school seniors facing these challenges and there’s no denying the fact that college may not be the same for some time. Finding the right school is already hard enough as it is, but the virus brings even more concern. 

Senior Alli Lenling notes that, “The college search is different than I expected because many colleges are not offering in-person college tours like they usually do to show students what their campus has to offer.” 

Senior Grayson Horn agrees when he says, “Searching for college is difficult, even with all the tools we students have to find the right one.”

Not only is it difficult to decide which college is the right fit, but the road to get there is also challenging. Senior Natalie Hoege states that, “I’m worried that this year will set me back and I won’t be college ready because I am doing the work but it doesn’t feel like I’m learning.” 

The same could be said from fellow senior Will Meganck, “I have imperceptibly been in a stew involving next fall’s semester. Covid has significantly damaged my reality in having an enjoyable senior year and I long for a COVID-free freshman experience.”

Meganck isn’t the only senior who craves a fresh start in college life. Lenling speaks with the same level of concern when she says, “I am hoping things get back to normal for my freshman year so that I can get the full college experience without worrying about COVID.” 

Hoege states, “I am also worried about if COVID will be contained enough to where I can attend classes and live in dorms without worry.” Same with Horn: “I’m concerned we will be fully online next year too.”

In the midst of it all, there are some positives coming out of this entire situation. Hoege stated she found the top colleges for her, and Meganck notes that “The concerns of COVID thankfully haven’t bartered the search towards future education.” High School Seniors will continue their search for future academic success regardless of how many obstacles the virus sets up for them.