Students Share Their Current Take on COVID

Students Share Their Current Take on COVID

Izzi Stricker

COVID-19 numbers have really struck hard in Wisconsin and are starting to affect our fellow classmates at Waunakee High School. COVID-19 is obviously not new to us, but during this first quarter of school, numbers have set record high. Many can agree with Senior Natalie Hoege when she says, “I think going into 2020 no one expected this.”

People have started to worry that there might not be an end to this ongoing issue. Freshman Alyssa Thomas says, “I am hopeful that there will be an end, but there is obviously no guarantee.” Hoege, on the other hand, is viewing the problem from a different perspective: “All I can do right now is pray, trust in God’s plan, and follow CDC guidelines and the scientists.” 

A lot of people have done their part by wearing masks and social distancing. Freshman Anna Fisher says, “I feel Wisconsin has been doing a fairly good job at requiring masks in every store. However, I believe that the other large gatherings people take part in have led to these large amounts of cases.” 

Not only have these numbers affected Wisconsin, but also our schools and students. Sophomore Tenley Baumbach shares, “It’s really frustrating how bad things have gotten because it has pushed back our time for sports opportunities and going to in-person highschool. It’s a hard time for not only adults, but also teens because it feels like we are missing the prime moments in our lives.” 

Many students at Waunakee High School share these feelings and are wondering how to fix things. Freshman Claire Jaeger notes, “I am currently busy and occupied with the work and activities online school has offered us. Although it may be difficult to handle and sometimes hard to keep up with all of the assignments, it hasn’t been the worst experience.”

Dane County has tried it’s best to help keep people safe and healthy through these very tough times by mandating masks and staying 6 feet apart from others. Fisher shares a positive message: “I am really hopeful that if we all work together, we can get back to our regular lives soon!” Many students have agreed that COVID-19 has really interrupted normal life and students are eager to continue on with their normal lives.