Four Fun Holiday Films


Grace Blitz

During the holidays there are so many amazing movies to watch with your whole family. Below are some fun, classic movies that you won’t want to miss this holiday season!


It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)


This movie is always a classic. It follows George Bailey, a man who has big dreams but is stuck in his small hometown. When an oddball angel named Clarence is sent down to Earth to help the frustrated Mr. Bailey while he wishes he’d never been born, Clarence shows him what life would be like if  he’d never existed.  


Fun Facts: The set for Bedford Falls-George’s hometown-was built in two months. It was one of the longest sets to be made for an American movie, with Main Street being 3 city blocks long. 


In the movie, there is a scene where Mary Bailey (played by Donna Reed) throws a rock through a window in a faraway house. Originally, there was someone hired to throw the rock for her, but she was able to throw the rock first try and shatter the window. 


My personal rating: 5 gnomes!


A Christmas Story (1983)


This holiday favorite follows: Ralphie Parker who only wants a “Red Ryder rifle” for Christmas, his father and his “major award” and the rest of the people in the young boy’s life. Ralphie struggles with a class bully and the constant nagging of those who say “You’ll shoot your eye out!” all the while trying to make it to Christmas. 


Fun Facts: Because of how popular this movie was, the Daisy Rifle Company began making Red Ryder BB Guns to sell during the holidays. It is still in production today. 


Ralphie says that he wants the Red Ryder BB Gun 28 times in the movie. 


My personal rating: 4 gnomes!


Home Alone (1990)


You probably know this popular film! It tells the story of a boy named Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) who is accidentally left home alone while his family vacations to Paris. He crosses paths with two burglars and he must defend his home with tricks and traps. 


Fun Facts: Home Alone is actually a series and has multiple movies! The second one stars the same actors-and Kevin accidentally goes to New York instead of Florida with his family. Films 3, 4 & 5 have different actresses and actors than the first two and film 6 is currently in production. 


The script for the original movie (Home Alone 1) was written in ten days.


My personal rating: 4.5 gnomes!


Elf (2003)


Buddy the Elf is the star in this family classic. He travels from the North Pole to find his father living in New York. We follow Buddy on this chaotic journey, through the 7 levels of the candy cane forest all the way to the Empire State Building. 


Fun Facts: Will Ferrell (who played Buddy) walked around NYC in his elf costume towards the end of shooting. He made mischievous decisions, which ended up in the movie, such as when he got his shoes shined, accepted multiple flyers over and over, and leapfrogged across a crosswalk. 


From November 2010 to January 2011, Elf the Musical ran on Broadway. It made more than $1.4 million in one week. 


My personal rating: 5 gnomes!


All of these are festive movies are movies you don’t want to miss and people of all ages will enjoy. Whether you’re watching these movies, making cookies or sitting with a cup of hot chocolate I wish everyone a happy & healthy holiday!