A Hybrid Model would benefit everyone

A Hybrid Model would benefit everyone

Katherine Ikaunieks

Us, the students should go back to school. I will discuss why I personally think that the students should go back to school; I will discuss the issues still going on in the world, why hybrid would be easier than online school, and how it impacts everyone. 

First, the world we are stuck in still has COVID. Newsflash, it’s not going away. It’ll never truly be gone as WHO (World Health Organization) has only eradicated two viruses, but it will take a while. Yet the risk of transmission is still going to be there with people being asymptomatic, and some people not taking this seriously. The main issue is just how people handle it, with the following of guidelines, opening school should not be an issue. 

Now, why hybrid would be easier than just online school. School internet sucks. Some home internet sucks. With hybrid, I believe that being in school students can learn better by being in the same environment (or new environment for the freshmen) but our homes are distracting. I will be honest, I miss the boring white hallways, and the boring classrooms we were stuck in. The change in scenery is always nice, and the fact that our school is probably remotely the same as before is a bit shocking. When I went in for a science lab, it was eerie how everything felt the same except with some alterations. Even teachers would find it easier to teach knowing there are students there to pay attention since so many of us have our cameras off during class, it’s a bit of a satisfaction.

Next, let’s discuss how going to school in the hybrid model impacts students and teachers. Those who go with the hybrid model are able to see their teacher, and know more about them in a sense than through a screen. We will see their room, and even the teachers will learn more about students since virtually everyone is awkward. As well, the impact of going to school in a hybrid model hits differently (at least for me) since many students will see their friends or actual human beings. Even then, we’ll be closer to a normal school year and there’s a sense of relief that comes with it. Another impact is that going to school in person actually would help us mentally. A part of online school, at least for me and what I’ve seen is that it sucks. It might be easier, and the school might use it in the future but it sucks. I have had nothing to look forward to, unlike previous years where we had fun events they’re gone because of the pandemic. Online school is a burden and adults don’t realize that. But, us students are getting the short end of the stick with our teachers. With us being virtual, we are suffering no matter the grade or even if you’re a teacher or staff. Teacher’s sadly won’t understand how tough it is for us, and we won’t understand how tough it is for them and hybrid will at least give some middle ground. Some ground that both sides are heard from.

Overall, I want to go back to hybrid school because it will benefit students and staff and the impact of being online is worse than going to school in the proposed hybrid model. I would love to go back to school, even if it was for two hours because all my friends and I are stuck in the same state. Even some of my teachers are stuck in that same state, and I hate it. I hate that nobody can share their good news, everybody’s the same level of forgotten and isolated because we cannot do anything. We are stuck in an endless cycle if we continue online school. We are doomed if we keep the online school up.