Ornaments and the stories they hold


Anneka Cassel

For many families, it is tradition to decorate a tree each holiday season. Some go for a classic, professional design, while others enjoy the simplicity and warm association of homemade ornaments. 

In my family, we incorporate a lot of different ornaments, some of my favorites being the oldest ones. Sometimes, they are the most random things, like a bear playing soccer. Every year, my family acquires, at minimum, six additional ornaments to add in our collection. 

Some of them come as gifts from our family, but my grandfather makes many of them by hand. We have been receiving them for about 15 years, and they are always something unique and different from previous years. 

Everyone in my family receives one, and they are all similar, but have something special about them, like a small detail would be a different color. A few years ago, he made us each one that looked like a bird. The one I was given was a robin, and it’s one of my favorite ornaments. 

One of my favorite parts about decorating the family tree is that everyone has their own opinion on which ornaments should be utilized. My family has two bins full of decorations, some of them are used every year, while others are used more infrequently. 

Another favorite of mine is a special blue race car. I have no idea where we obtained it, but that one is present on the tree annually. Occasionally, I purchase ornaments on family vacations. 

I like those ones as they serve as a reminder of the fun memories we had as a family. For people everywhere, decorating a tree unites the whole family. Everyone comes together to reminisce on the memories that they find in the ornaments they have.