Stripmall Santas


Ophelia Whitley

There is truly nothing better than telling a stranger in a beard what you want for a hallmark holiday. Especially during a pandemic, there are safer alternatives to sitting on the lap of a strange man wearing faux velvet and a fake beard telling him your wish for Christmas. 

For instance, kids could see Santa via video chat, or they could send him a letter.  Especially with the circumstances that our state is in, we definitely should find a better option that allows kids to talk to Santa, albeit the sitting on his lap part (because it is disgusting if you think about it). 

If there were not a pandemic going on, it is still something that kids and their parents would look forward to each year, but there are many unconventional things that could happen. One mishap could be the child having a meltdown, most likely seriously embarrassing the parents. Parents make a huge deal out of getting a silly picture that’ll be sent to relatives when it probably won’t turn out the way they want it to. 

Another potential disaster could be the kid having an accident, causing Mr. Claus to lose his temper. In many of these unfortunate circumstances, I feel only an insensible adult would pay to have a picture taken of their child, then have the kid tell Santa that they want a toy or bike. 

I think we should find something that better suits all ages, not just kids up to age ten. Sure, teenagers don’t like things that make us feel childish, but we still like to express our inner child sometimes and this time of year is the best time for us to do that. Not just teenagers want that. 

I think we all want something that allows us to feel our inner child. Opposed to sitting on Santa’s lap, sending a letter might be more convenient for all ages, even if you still don’t necessarily believe in that sort of thing anymore.