Dance team relies on team chemistry


Photo by Kaitlyn Galgon
Junior Keely Collins performs a Poms routine with the dance team at halftime of a boys’ basketball game against Sauk Prairie on December 6. The dance team performs regularly during basketball games.

The Dance team is off to a strong start this winter. With a satisfactory finish at the Watertown Spirit Invite on December 10, the team is already beginning to demonstrate their skills, hopefully helping them make it to state this year. Along with that, their performances at homecoming and multiple basketball games this season have brought positive remarks.
Freshman Nicole Potocki and senior Megan Jensen agree that the team chemistry is great on the team this year. “We do a lot of team bonding and spend a lot of time together,” said Potocki. “We’ve definitely gotten really close this year,” Jensen added.
Not only is everyone working well together, the leadership among them is working wonders as well. “Megan Jensen and Madi Smith are really strong leaders,” Potocki said, referencing two of the senior captains, although captains are instead called a “leadership board.” “It’s really cool to see how it’s really changed from my freshman year to this year,” said Jensen. “I used to be the scared freshman, never talked; I was afraid of all the upperclassmen. Now, we’re all super close and no one’s afraid to voice their opinion, which is a really good thing. I just love it,” she said.
Jensen elaborated on the structure of the season. “Every year we go to [the] Watertown Invite, and for that we always take Pom and Jazz. Scoring sheets say things such as technique and showmanship. They write the score based on things like that, and they have comments on them as well,” she said. From there, there are two regionals, and if the team places in the top half they are able to go to state. For the team, getting to state is one of their priorities this year. “A goal would be to go to state and do really well, and to place well at regionals. We haven’t competed yet, so there aren’t many [accomplishments] yet,” said freshman Faith Nerat.
The team has set high goals. They have already been able to accomplish plenty before real competition has even begun, including mastering challenging skills. “One of our goals was to get a quad, which is like four pirouettes, or turns, and we’ve accomplished that and there are two of them in our dances,” said Potocki.
Even with a new coach coming in, and the loss of a large senior class, the team is going strong. Grace Button, the new head coach for the team, has definitely created a positive atmosphere for her group. Jensen believes that the atmosphere this year has become a lot less stressful. “It’s a lot less pressure because you’re not getting compared to other dancers on the team,” said Jensen. “If you mess up on a part, you get your correction and move on,” she added.
The team has a lot of events coming up. First of all, they are constantly performing at school functions. One of their most notable events was performing at the Homecoming pep rally, and team members felt very confident about their performance. “Homecoming was the best it’s ever been since I’ve been on the team. We were so together and it was so stress-free,” said Jensen. The team also performs frequently at basketball games. Postseason competition is coming up soon for dance as well, with regionals just around the corner January 28. Afterwards, the team also hosts a dance clinic mainly targeted for younger age groups that also occurs in January.
The Dance team, although smaller in numbers, is making a statement. With their performances at basketball games and at Homecoming, their season is off to a strong start.