Musical Artist Lorde Kicks Off World Tour in Milwaukee


At the age of fifteen, she had already written a song that would be played on the radio forever. “Royals” became instantly popular, creating a new fame for Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, more commonly known as Lorde, and it is the song that probably first pops into mind when someone mentions her name.

She kicked off her Melodrama World Tour American leg of the tour in Milwaukee. Everyone went to that opening show, not knowing what to expect, or if it would have any similarities to her smaller venue European tour. She blew the enire arena’s minds, of course.

Although I arrived late in the middle of the second opening act (which was a very questionable choice), the show was still amazing.

Many people did not know what to do while Run The Jewels were on stage, and I can not say I knew what to do either. There was awkward standing with no dancing. We all got past it quickly once Lorde stepped out there.

Lorde created a new appreciation for the art of dance in her show. Many people know she used to have quite the most odd dance moves in the past, but she has grown as a dancer, trust me. Throughout the show, there was a glass box that would either sit on stage or float. Most of the time it contained dancers inside of it, but Lorde herself changed costumes in it during a transition that was a metaphor for her growth and change as a person. Sometimes the attention was brought to the dancers instead of Lorde, and sometimes they mirrored Lorde’s movements, creating a strong focus on her.

Lorde is also a genuine artist. She is so down to Earth, and she will always feel at home with her fans whether the venue is small or large. She oddly enough even remembered the last time she was in Milwaukee. Remembering Wisconsin is not really expected from many artists, especially someone from New Zealand.

The show was full of colors and beautiful artsy images. Lorde has been growing as an artist over the years and expressing her growth through the art of performing, and it was very clear from this show after having been a fan for a long time. She put an immense amount of work into this tour and it shows. I highly recommend listening to her music or seeing her sometime in the future.