New 1:1 Chromebook program works well for students and teachers

The Wednesday Society

This year, Waunakee High School has implemented a new program to benefit both students and teachers. The 1:1 program allows each student to be assigned their very own Chromebook to be used both in class and at home. This program has been extremely beneficial so far this school year.

Some classes do not require frequent Chromebook usage, while other classes rely on it. There are classes that are even developing a newfound dependence on Chromebooks, which consequently reshapes the curriculum of the class and how the students learn the timeless material.

In Orchestra, Chromebooks are used more frequently than last year. Not only does it allow more efficiency in the Chromebook assignments to further study music, but it has allowed new opportunities to study and discuss music theory, which is an addition to the orchestra curriculum this year. Mrs. Heiks, the orchestra teacher, has now begun a self-assessment assignment to help students realize and further their technique when playing.

It has also made it easier to collaborate in the classroom. In AP European History, now that everyone has access to their own Chromebook at all times, students now have another option for note taking. As this discussion-oriented class usually takes place in groups, it is much easier to whip out a Chromebook and collaborate via a shared Google document in order to fully understand all the material.

Before this program, teachers relied on checking out Chromebook carts in order to provide a class set. However, students often ran into problems with the Chromebooks’ connectivity, not being charged, or not being functional. Now students are responsible for bringing their own Chromebook to class, fully charged.

Of course, this program is not yet perfect. With technology, there are a plethora of problems to be had, similar to those listed above. In many cases, students will become frustrated with their Chromebooks because of slow internet connectivity. Some will mistakenly forget a Chromebook at home or school, or forget to charge it the night before. With the 1:1 program, these problems are solely the students’ responsibilities (with the exception of the connectivity issues, which no one can really be blamed for).

Because this is the first year Waunakee High School has implemented this 1:1 technology, the program is still a little bit rough around the edges. However, the execution and results of this program have been amazing so far, allowing students infinite access to a computer and the internet at all times.