The goodest good girl brings the heat


Peyton Meyer

Cinnamon Spice Meyer smiles the bestest smile for owner junior Peyton Meyer for her headshot.

Brogan Mulcahey, Reporter

This year, I will be going on an adventure to bring to you the goodest of the good boys (or girls) that Waunakee has to offer. I will act as a canine connoisseur of sorts.

To start off the year, we will be visiting none other than Cinnamon Spice Meyer, or as her friends like to call her, Spicy.

Spicy is the most fun, energetic, and playful puppy you could ever meet, which is what makes it so difficult to believe that she is 11 years old!

It is a very rare occurrence to walk into the Meyer household and not be greeted by Spicy with her orange bone in her mouth. A few things that Spicy loves are all of her toys, chasing her ball, and belly scratches. A few things that Spicy hates are hardwood floors, but could you blame her they’re cold, slippery, and hard. I mean what’s there to like about them!

When Spicy is not playing fetch, getting her belly rubbed, or standing on carpeted surfaces, you can catch her running at the dog park, playing in the snow, or munching on some string cheese.

Spicy is very talented as well, she likes to show off and toss around high fives to anyone, but one area that she excels at is catching snowballs.

If you grab a handful of snow and toss it in the general direction of Spicy, she will jump up and grab it right out of the air!

One question that I know you’re all thinking is, if Spicy was going to go to the Olympics for one sport what would it be? That is a no brainer, swimming. As soon as she gets to the dog park the first place she goes is right to the dock. She’ll hop in the water and already be doing laps by the time you get there.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Spicy could doggy paddle circles around Michael Phelps.

Spicy has all the qualities and skills that we look for in a best friend, but it is her playfulness, energy, and undying love for string cheese that makes her this year’s first goodest girl of the month.

Stay tuned next month to see which canine goes above and beyond, just like Spicy.