New club focuses on body, mind and spirit


Samantha Himegarner

The Mindfullness Club meditates at a contact time meeting to decompress from high school stress.

Brianna Daniels, Reporter

Anxiety, stress and worries are just a natural part of being in High School. However, there is a new club here at Waunakee to help you cope with just those things.

Junior Ani Graf started a new club that can help students become aware of their emotions, relieve stress and be fully present in the moment. It can even help build compassion, increase attention spans, help improve sleep and enhance self awareness. She calls it the Mindfulness Club.

Graf was also inspired by the impact mindfulness has had on her life.

“Mindfulness helps me to be relaxed, get rid of anxiety and to fully be present,” said Graf. With the Mindfulness Club, she wants to help other students who also struggle with stress and anxiety.

“I want to give people a tool for those times when they are really stressed out,” said Graf.

Overall, her goal is “to teach teens mindfulness and make it a place where people can come together, clear their minds and take a little break,” said Graf.

The club meets once a week during contact time and goes through different mindfulness exercises, giving students a period in the day to relax.

The club also wants to give students the chance to destress through activities like spending time outside, hiking, and gratitude journaling.

Students are also encouraged to use the mindfulness techniques they learn at home and in other aspects of their lives. Graf also said that there is a big mindfulness community in Madison.

The club is looking forward to inviting many guest speakers and being able to give expert advice about mindfulness to members of the club.

Even though the club has not been around long, Graf has already received positive feedback and seen interest from both students and staff who want to get involved.

The Mindfulness Club is a new and exciting organization at the High School that could be beneficial to so many students. Mindfulness is a great tool that can be used anywhere and help with many aspects of life, such as relieving stress or building compassion.

Whether you struggle with anxiety and stress, self awareness, or are just interested in mindfulness, consider joining the Mindfulness Club to let all your troubles melt away.