Scholarship opportunities benefitting Waunakee students


Aly Kinzel, Reporter

Whether it’s freshman year or senior year, college will continue to be a relevant up-and coming-obstacle students can’t simply avoid. The thought of it can be scary, but with solid preparation and the right mindset, it doesn’t have to be something to procrastinate.

Many people are unaware that Waunakee actually offers many opportunities through a variety of websites to influence the usage of scholarships and financial aid. These websites are listed on the Counseling Department website accessible via the High School homepage, none of which require any sort of fee. With these convenient websites, students are able to filter out scholarships so they fit certain preferences. Even stated on the site, the counselors say the offered websites “allow students the opportunity to find scholarships based on their unique circumstances/criteria.” 

Not only are there formulated websites discussing national scholarships, but also a complete list of all local, state and national scholarships created by counselors in the guidance office. This list is accessible on both the counseling department website and the Waunakee homepage under the counseling drop bar labeled ‘Scholarships.’ “It’s quick, painless and scholarships are posted throughout the year as they become available,” says guidance counselor and scholarship coordinator Megan Bunkleman, the creator and manager of the website. “The old system wasn’t super accessible, so we recreated it as a stream line to better help students. There’s a breakdown of every type sorted by due date, and it’s a good new way to find local options.”

Another great resource that the school offers, Fastweb, is set up in a similar manner. After setting up a free account, the website retrieves scholarships that would best benefit a student based on their strengths, interests and skills. Bunkleman describes this source as “a friendly and clean way to discover targeted scholarships.” It’s another resource where someone can easily apply for scholarships in minutes, and the convenience of it makes for an overall beneficial website.

So if all of these helpful sources are right at their fingertips, why don’t students take advantage of them? 10 different websites, including the most well-known one, Naviance, are entirely beneficial in a way that students can view hundreds of offered scholarships and apply for whatever one might catch their eye right then and there. With more knowledge behind this topic, there’s little doubt that students will embrace these opportunities. Starting around Thanksgiving, Bunkleman will be offering Contact Times to further explain scholarships and help students apply. These contact times will be an extremely helpful way to further explain the great things that come from applying for the scholarships that Waunakee High School is lucky enough to offer. If there are any questions or concerns before then, Bunkleman says that she is always more than willing to talk to students.