Glamorized vaping

Brooke Bound, Reporter

Our generation has been raised on anti-smoking campaigns. From a young age, we’ve known that cigarettes can cause cancer, they can make our lungs turn black and nasty, and they can cause so much damage that we need horror-movie-esque voice boxes just to speak. And so far, smoking isn’t a huge problem in today’s society . Unfortunately, vaping is taking its place. 

Because of the easy usage and discreet appearance of juuls, they have become increasingly popular. There’s no need for a lighter or for disguising the very obvious smoke smell, because all that comes out is a thin vapor. This simple, sleek device has been glamorized across the country.

The fact is, doing rebellious and edgy things has been seen as ‘cool’ for a long time; Lying to parents, Sneaking out,  Smoking, Drinking, Doing drugs. But now, vaping can be added to this list. Clearly, the quickest way to become cool is to suck on a flashdrive and puff out fruity mist  that is like a unicorn cloud of death. Students often ignore the health concerns related to juuling. Why? Is it cool to brush off the threat of lung damage like there’s no fear regarding death? Or is it about fitting in, being part of a group, and sharing a common activity?

Whatever the reason, putting tar and gunk in one’s lungs has somehow become a popular activity. The reality is, doing dangerous things is often seen as cool. Risks are glamorized. Rebelling is edgy and gets attention. Ignoring the facts and going along with whatever is popular happens a lot. High school is a confusing time, and we’re all just trying to fit in and establish our own identities. But the way to do that isn’t through putting crap into our lungs. Don’t fall victim to this glamorization of vaping. There are better ways to impress people than choking on nicotine vapor. Learn a made-up language and shout nonsense in their faces. Perform a sixteenth-century courtly dance. Memorize cheesy puns and pick-up lines to use in moments of uncomfortable silence to intensify the awkwardness. Whatever you choose to do, it shouldn’t harm others, and it shouldn’t harm yourself. Vaping has been proven to kill. Don’t waste your life in order to look cool.