Advertisement Policies and Procedures

The Purple Sage ad policies and procedures:
1.      All ad copy and changes must be ready on designated ad deadline dates.
2.      All ad copy will be picked up by a staff sales agent.
3.      Ads may be prepared entirely by the business or the staff sales agent or by a combination of efforts.
4.      If ad material is not available on deadline, the business’s most suitable advertisement will be run. If the deadline cannot be met for a special reason, the adviser may allow extra time.
5.      The size of contracted ads may be changed; however, the newspaper must be notified at least four weeks in advance.
6.      New ads will be accepted when space is available.
7.      Advertisers are legally committed to pay for ads recorded on the contract.
8.      The ad rate for advertisers who fail to sign a contract is $5.00 per column inch. Space is not guaranteed.
9.      Statements and tearsheets from each issue will be delivered through the mail.
10. Payment is to be made by mail or hand delivery to the high school’s main office. Remittance should be in the form of a check or money order payable to Waunakee Community High School.
11. Businesses may request a special location for their ads without additional cost. If the request cannot be honored, the business will be notified in advance.
12. Businesses may request a “no compete” order, with indication of other area businesses which should not be solicited. This order is filled at a rate three (3) times the total cost (discounts applied) of the ad(s).
13. Ad proofs are available, upon request, to advertisers meeting deadlines.
14. Student photographers can set up, shoot, and print photos for ads with four weeks notice.
15. All payments are to be made within thirty (30) days of the appearance of the ad. Sales agents will remind advertisers who fall one month behind in payment. If payment continues unpaid, the newspaper’s business manager will contact the advertiser to review the payment policy. Payments three months late or more will be assessed a $5.00 penalty and the faculty adviser will contact the advertiser. Accounts more than three months overdue will be pulled from the publication until payment is current.
16. A five column inch ad is the smallest ad accepted.
17. The Purple Sage reserves the right to refuse advertising space to any business which seeks to promote any product or service which is illegal to minors or to the populace in general or which is generally considered unhealthy or undesirable for students at Waunakee Community High School.
18. Comments and questions should be directed to your sales agent or adviser Tammy Rademacher at 849-2011. Every effort will be made to return the call within two (2) working days.
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Advertisement Policies and Procedures